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I've shot recurve my whole life except for a couple of years when I had a cheap compound as a kid. I headed to the PSE dealer to try the new X Force. It's probably a very nice bow but I didn't like it based on the draw alone. Next up was the Mathews dealer. I tried a Drenalin and liked it just fine and thought, "O.K., this is what all the pro's endorse. Must be good.", but no warm fuzzies.
My father convinced me to wait and get a bow from a place where he lived in Springfield, MO. I walked in and asked to try a couple of Drenalins to see which one I liked best. And since they had them, I asked to try a Hoyt Vectrix, Hoyt Vulcan, and the new Ross cardiac. I fired 6 arrows from each of the former and one arrow from the Cardiac. I immediately turned to the pro shop guy and said, "I'll take a Cardiac set up just like this one." It was quieter than the others and ultra smooth.

I've always shot a hodgepodge of hand me down arrows from my father and never really gave them much thought. After shooting a mix of Carbon Express (both the cheap ones from Wal-Mart and the Maxima Hunters) and Easton Axis and Carbo neros, I prefer the Easton Carboneros. They seam to find the bullseye more often and hit with a resounding THWACK which is a nice touch. The only diff is that they are fletched with feathers(which are very mangled at that). I can't find any new ones so I bought some more Axis and Maximas to practice with.

Welcome aboard, Razorback. :? The Cardiac is indeed a great bow. Afer shooting the same bows you did, along with a couple of others, I chose the Ross also. Congrats and enjoy shooting your new Cardiac.
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