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Full Metal Jakcets?

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Where is a good place to buy FMJs? I know they are not cheap, but would like to find a little better buy then I can get locally. Thanks for any help. TB
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You mean nobody knows where to get a good buy on FMJs? Lots of people looked, and they are a good arrow. But no one Knows where to find em online?
I bought mine at Bass Pro for 109.00 a dozen unfletched and they must be pretty tough b/c i was playing with the trigger travel on my release and set it too light 8) and long story short, shot 2 arrows through the tree tops and you could hear it hitting the tree limbs after i found them in the corn field there wasn't nothng wrong with them. :) My uncle asked what iwas doing in the field and i said looking for $10.00 :(
Thanks guys. I spent a couple hours looking for 15 bucks in the jack pines. Had one fall out of my quiver during hunting season. Found it though. :grin:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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