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Hey everyone,
I'm Vincent Li, 17 years old, a senior in high school. I recently took up archery as a hobby to get me out of the house and give myself something to pride myself on. Unfortunately the archery range I was going to is way too far from my house for me to be able to go there on school days, and they are too busy on the weekends. There is, however, an archery range very close to my house but, they do not have rental equipment. Because of this I will need to have my own bow and arrows but I am unable to afford the $200 cost for an entry-level recurve bow and arrows. I have been looking around for quick jobs to build up my fund but I don't live in the best town for short-term jobs. I will continue to get what paid gigs I can but any help you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated!

My plans for archery:
I'm hoping that if I am able to get the archery set up by next month I will be able to get skilled enough, and pass official classes, to get certified as a teacher and then find a summer job teacher young kids and teens like myself archery. Archery will also be an awesome substitute for my usual, low-activity, indoors, days, particularly in the summer.

Once again, thank you for any contributions you make. Donations can be sent via my GoFundMe page. There is also a lot more information there.:

Vincent Li.


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