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Going about my Monday sale in a different way

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Some of you may have noticed that for the past 3 Mondays I have had stuff on sale for members here.
For next Mondays sale I am leaving it up to you to decide what I will offer a special deal on!

I want to continue to offer great service and good prices to the membership.

So, let's hear it, what would you like a deal on?
I will then, based on votes, figure out what I can do price wise and post it on Sat for the Monday sale.

Sound good? I hope you like the idea.
Now please keep in mind, there are certain items I can't sell on the internet, bows, certain arrows and so on.
There are also restrictions on what I can "advertise" as sale prices.
Most of my manufacturers have MAP (Minimum advertised price) on many of their items.
No, they do not dictate what I sell stuff for, that would be considered price fixing and illegal. But they do set a minimum price dealers can advertise the price. Does that make any sense?

So, Ross Forum members, let's hear what YOU would like to see a deal on and I will do what I can to get you a great deal!
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Here's a pure promo idea but have you thought about maybe monthly gear giveaways? I know youre doing the hunts for next year, but just an idea 8)
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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