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Good Bachelor Group.....

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Since I have been down for that last 4 weeks due to the knee surgery, my good friend and hunting partner has been sending trail cam pics of deer on the property we hunt. Enjoy!

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I hope you are getting along well and that you will get in the woods this fall. Maybe the camo Lazy Boy on top of that feeder will do the trick for you. Nice bucks!
It's good to hear that your rehab is going well and one does have to abide by the law. We certainly don't want any negative publicity and the "Antihunters" don't need any more "ammunication". The lease we hunt (here in KS) is a nice set up for us, as the farmer leaves his corn crop in the field until after the rut (mid Nov.). When he does harvest, he leaves a few rows for the deer and turkeys. He is a true conservationist and he understands the population dynamics of game management and the role that hunting plays in the process.
Anyway, great pictures and take care!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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