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Such a nice day today, the nicest it has been in a long time.
Too bad I had to work, but I did make the evening go to my advantage. :)
Got my truck all cleaned up and ready to throw my lil pond hopper or 3D targets in the back and roll. :)


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This is my culmination of 5 years overseas and wishing and dreaming for a hunting rig..............
During my 2nd Iraq tour all I did was scheme how I wanted to lay my truck out.
I actually bought the "******* Bling" before I purchased the truck from my cousin's car lot in Missouri. :)

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Thanks guys, I am really proud of it. It's one of the nicest rigs I have had since I was a teenager.....
Once I get down range I will be getting the last of my goodies for it- new rims, 33" buckshot mudders, Hypertech chip, and a slide in camper for them extended hunting trips. :)

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Doublelung said:
Next week I am getting my Expedition logoed up as the Double Lung Archery Inc rolling billboard.
I will post up pictures when it is done.
Cool :(
Let me know the decals you got, I would be interested in buying a few from you. :)

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Stixshooter said:
Hee Hee, My Chevy had the same look last September DL, it's a good look to have :grin: Gee's Mike wadda ya charge me to pimp my rig. I want lift mine or atleast level it but soooo expensive and the wife is 5'2" . So I may be stuck wit ha low-rider. But the level kit is around 300.00 .
naw bro, get a day star level kit, they are about $125 and pretty easy to install.....
Mechanics was actually my very first love. Use to rebuild carbs and heads in grade school :)

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Just washed n' waxed her... don't mind the dirty windows pleaz.

She's a little customized on the interior w/ a few stainless accents, but nothing as cool as the camo interior on Mike's truck...

"I wanna go fast" mods are a Mac performance intake, custom cool air induction tubing feeding it, a Predator programmer, and the exhaust system (more to sound tough than go fast)... "If ya ain't first, yer last!"

All in all it's been a great rig for haulin' deer and my boat for 4+ years now. Best vehicle I've ever owned.
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