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Got the family out to archery range yesterday evening.....

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Spent about 3 hours at the Army post Archery range; first time we all got to shoot together in months...... :(
The wife got to shoot her CR331 at 20 yards for the first time too.............
She said, "that's too far, it's alot harder than in the garage" :sad:

The CR331 is set at 40 lbs. draw for the wife (it's came at 55 lbs maxed) and is still quite a bit long even with a RS1 mod....
I guess, cause it's backed off so much the draw is even longer than normal....may have to get a custom set of strings to make up for it. :???:
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Looks like a great time. Nothing better that spending quality time in the great outdoors with the family. :(

I hope everyone had a great time. :(
Hope you all had a good time! :(
That's great! :(

Seeing those rolling hills in the background gets me excited. There's snakes in them there hills!
I've got to get back out there and do some more snake hunting. :sad:
And people say KS is flat...
Glad to see you had a great time with the whole family :(
Looks like everyone had a blast. Nice pics
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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