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Guess I am the 1st one here.............

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I will start, ha ha.....
Been looking at Ross bows for about 3 months now.
I got to shoot a 334 and a 337 one day and decided to order a Competition 337 since I was going to Okinanwa Japan for 3 years and they do alot of target shooting there.
I have not received it yet, hopefully in 2 weeks.
I already plan on getting a 331 in the future as well. :D
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too bad your not right lefty guys must have alot of patience because there doesnt seem like there is alot of lefty stuff out there.
I got my LH 334 in about a week from the time my dealer ordered it. Of course it's camo and not a special order and I'm only a couple hundred miles from Ross. It didn't take long.
I am not too far from Ross either, fact is I drove right by em a year or so ago and didnt even know what I missed.....I am planning on going over there to the plant to visit before I head out to Okinawa.
I wonder if they give tours of their plant? It would be neat to get a bunch of us together and tour it.
yea that would be cool...I am game just as long as it on a weekend and before I leave for Okinawa in Dec.
i plan on meeting everyone there before the BRS.i guess its about an hour and a half from there.
Mark said:
I can't wait to Shoot a 331 i've only shot the 334 :D
If you like the 334, you will like the 331 even better. It is one AWESOME bow....
When I go to pick up my 337, I am already planning on asking the dealer how much for a LH 331...........May just get it before I go to Okinawa and leave my Newberry here so I can use it for my last season till I get back from Japan.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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