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I have for sale:

1 Bushnell Banner shotgun scope 1.5x4.5x32mm matte finish. it has a set of weaver rings mounted to it which I can remove if you don't want them. Scope is in original package rings were put on but was never installed on my shotgun. $45 tyd.

1 Galco leather holster for compact 1911 frame (I used it for my Kimber Ultra CarryII). It is not even broke in with original packaging. $40 tyd

2 Chip McCormick 7rd .45acp stainless mags with the plastic bumper. These are for the Compact 1911 frames also. $15 tyd for both or $8 tyd for 1.
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Am I correct in assuming the holster is right handed?
Right handed

Yes semo, It is for the correct hand. :(
Correct as in the Left? or Wrong as in the right hand.... :D

Everyone knows that if your left handed you are wrong handed. But, I guess a lefty could use it as a cross draw.
Re: Right handed

USMCarcher26 said:
Yes semo, It is for the correct hand. :(

Your entitled to your opinion. :D :D
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