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hello all, just found the board

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howdy howdy,

Glad to have stumbled upon this message forum, and I am a complete rookie, looking to purchase a Ross bow for bowhunting. Being a first-timer, I'll definitely be looking around at how ya'll have your gear setup, what yer usin' and all that good stuff.
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Welcome to the board I just joined myself last week and I like it because it is ROSS exclusive but I wish people would post more often. I am shooting a 334 w/ a Trophy Ridge Dropzone and en extreme 900 sight. I use a SpottHogg Sat. nite special release.
I shoot a 334 with a trophy taker shakey hunter. Vital bow gear trapper 3 ring sight and 29" CX 300 arrows tipped with 100gr muzzy broadheads.[/img]
I got a 334 and A Comp/337.
I have a Trophy Ridge Drop Zone on the Comp with a Viper Pro 2000 sight and the 334 is waiting on my 2nd Viper Predator sight and has a WB rest.
Welcome, I just joined yesterday.

I shoot a 334, Spot Hogg Hogg It, Limb Driver Rest
thanks for all the replies folks, it's always good to hear what others are using in the field and how well it works.

I have a few items waiting in the closet, such as a stealtharchery stabilizer, and a spot-hogg hunter hoggit (got both as partial compensation for building their websites). needless to say I have a few more things to get.

Just from online reading, I've really got my eye on the 334. I'm not real sure what the tangible differences would be between the 334 and the 337 (as far as how they'd function as hunting bows)

the biggest things I guess would be rest, release aid, quiver, peep, arrows and BHs. The rest and release I have to research some more, the quiver would probably just be a Ross quiver, no idea on the peep. Arrows I think I'll just go aluminum for starting out (cheaper to replace) and some slick tricks since they seem to be the ticket....
Welcome from another rookie. I'm shooting a 331 with a Kazaway rest.
Just my luck!

so I finally stroll into the archery shop I saw next to my gf's new apartment. just a couple miles down the road and never knew it was there....

anyway, it was pretty quiet today so I got to talk with the guy, and he just so happened to have a 334 lefty! it was a 70lb max draw, set at 60....I was kind of nervous, but bugger if it wasn't like pulling a knife through warm buddah :D in time, after I build up those muscles and form, I can definitely see myself pushing the poundage up a bit....

That was it...didn't even want to try other bows...had em put my hunter hoggit, and stealtharchery stabiilzer on it, picked out some arrows, and in five shots I hit the x on the 10yrd block....if that doesn't make a man happy, I don't know what does!

I am looking forward to lots of fun with this bow! Great shop too, nice indoor range.
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