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Thanks coach's for what you do,we all start @ point A.
We all can agree teaching the basics is first.
When you get to the "aiming with a sight" part of your program,I would like to tell you about a fantastic tool.
Perrys No peep archery sights!
Adjust PNP until the student see's a dot to dot view of the rear alignment pin...and forward top target pin
You simply ask the archer is are the pins dot to dot?
Then you tweek there grip...anchor point....nose position...stance....ect.
When there form is good and there dot to dot.....just wait for the smile when they drill the X.
When your students say "yes" the peep sight is aligned it really isn't....with PNP there is no floating in the center of a peep,they will know when the dots are aligned or not aligned and they will simply tell you,its up to you to adjust them!!!!
God bless,Perry
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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