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How Old ?

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What's your age and how old were you when you first starting shooting a bow?

I'm 42 and I was probably about 27 when I started. :roll:
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32 now and I guess I was 14 or so when I started archery. I had a 10 year break between '96 and '06 and stsrted hitting it hard again last summer.
I am 35 and have been a gun hunter since the age of 8 till I was stationed in MO and worked with a bow fanatic who got me started by taking me out bowfishing for 10 pound carp.....
That was in 1997.
I'm 48 now and seeing that I haven't shot a bow since 1983 I have to admit that I have only been shooting since Nov. 05 :oops: when my brother wanted a new bow so I bought his old PSE Stingray.Since then I have had 2 Bowtech's and now a Ross 331. Looking to some good hunting with this bow this deer season though I still have a taste for some bunnies if I can get out. Pleasure to meet everyone, Dennis
hi i am 28 and have been shooting for about 5 years a love it .. 8)
I'm 45 now.
I started shooting when I was 6 or 7.
My Dad got me a 15# recurve to shoot in the backyard.
I loved watching the flight of an arrow.
Still do.
34, been bowhunting SW missouri and NW Arkansas off and on since age 16.
I'm 39 , Had to look it up, my archery certificate says 1981. Didn't realize its been that long. My firearms cert. says 1979.
I am 40 years old and have been an avid bowhunter since i was 14. ever since i shot my first bow nothing has mattered more than taking whitetails with sharp broadheads. BRU
i am 33 and have only been shooting for 2 years...i have been a hunter since i was 20
I am 37 years old and I have been bowhunting and gun hunting since I was 21.
I'm 55 started shooting about 40 year's ago .Old bear recurve that's all they had back then .Got my first compond bow in 1976 Jennings modle t with 50% let off killed a lot of deer and rabbits with that bow.Still get a rush when I tag one with my bow .
I am 15yrs old and I have been shooting some sort of bow since i was 6 or 7 i would say. Id say Ive been shooting compounds for about 5yrs
I'm 56 as of Jan 10.....

been owning a bow of some sort since a white stick,,small handle,and red/white string. Must have been about 1957 or so. Several of those that Dad bought me. Then he bought me a solid fiberglass 45# recurve [mild recurve] that I shot MANY arrows out of. Usually cardboard boxes were my first targets. My first "game" was a squirrel about 1967. My first bow deer was only about 15 years ago!I have a color slide of me sitting with my bow and WHITE cedar shaft arrows about 1968. For some reason, 'no' deer came up :roll:
I need to scan some old archery hunting pictures off those color slides from the 1960s/70s.
I am about to receive what I believe may be my best bow,,,,a Ross 331. I have thoroughly enjoyed a 2005 Switchback since October 15, 2005. What a change for the deer woods carrying that bow has been!

*** A 'story'--->
Best friend and I were in 5th grade. Lived in Bossier City, La. Dads flew B-47s at that time {about 1963?}. We lived in a subdivision called "Shady Grove" just south of Barksdale AFB. We each had solid glass bows and a conglomeration of arrows. I doubt if any two arrows were alike!
We both went to a LARGE empty cotton field. Both shot all our combined arrows at about a 30 degree angle towards the opposite end of the field. Then, ONE of us would walk down there, picking arrows out of the ground as he walked and searched. Finding all, including the LAST and farthest arrow, he walked about 50 yards PAST the LAST arrow found. THEN,,that person would SHOOT ALL THE ARROWS BACK TO THE OTHER GUY. We did not think about maybe one of our bows shooting farther with a lightest arrow than possibly the other bow that may have shot that same lightest arrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I"m still here,,no holes from arrows.
It was fun, tho! We would shoot them back and forth til we got tired of pulling them out of the soft dirt.
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I'm 48 and have been doing archery for 6 years (apart from playing bows and arrows when I was a kid). I hunt when I can but mostly like the 3D competition side of archery
I'm 56 and have been hunting 50+ of those years. Only this yr have I taken up a bow. I was going to give it a try in the deer woods this season but decided to wait until next yr when I have had more time to develop shooting skills. I will be going after a rabbit or two once deer season is over tomorrow.
Ashamed to say

I'm 29 and i've never shot a bow before, waiting on my Cardiac just recieved my Leupold RX 2 rangefinders, Glendel Fullrut , and Block 4x4 today compliments to Bass Pro Shop, can't wait to start letting em fly.
I'm 49 and I have been bowhunting since 1974.
I am 44. Shot since I was around 13. However I took a 10 year break from '96 to late '05.

Feels great to be back in the sport!
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