2017 Hoyt Carbon Defiant. Great Condition with some minor wear and tear

Package includes….

2017 Hoyt Carbon Defiant 34 Compound bow
IBO 325fps
DW 60-70lbs
DL 27”-29”

Easton Axis 5mm 260 spine arrows 28” with hit brass inserts X8

VPA 200 grain two blade broadheads(brand new in never opened package X6 plus X3 on the arrows in the quiver(9 total broadheads ready to hunt))

Grizzly stix 200 grain field points X5

Truglo Tru-etc LT quick detach 5 arrow quiver with extra dampeners

Beestinger 12” Pro Hunter stabilizer

Beestinger Microhex 8” olive drab with adjustable side bar

QAD Ultra drop away arrow rest MXT (micro adjustable)

Axcel 5 pin micro adjustable sight

Stan Shootoff Heavy Metal TLR 4 finger release (micro adjustable)

Screw in bow rest for ground hunting(screws into mount behind the stabilizer & is easily removed).

SKB ATA double bow case. Request pics if needed