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I Feel Like Im at an AA meeting

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I currently shoot a M word bow but it looks like im going to shoot the Cardiac. It seems to be a great bow and im wondering what you folks who have shot the Cardiac think about it compared to the Oh lets say, for kicks and giggles the Mathews Drenlin. Dont hold back just go ahead and tell me the truth about your opinion. :cool:
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I have shot both and I will tell you the truth.
The Drenanlin was the first Mathews I have ever shot. I thought it felt like a tuning fork. It rang out in my hand for 5-6 seconds after the shot. I did not like the grip either.

I also shot the Cardiac at the same time. It was much quieter, and dead after the shot. I was not impressed with the actual speed of the Cardiac, but it was set at 60#, so not a fair assesment. After all was said and done, I kept my 331 and am happy with it.

I am not going to buy a bow that I havent spent some time with. The shop here only had one Cardiac, and now its gone. Dont know when they will be getting another. Shoot them both and buy what you like. You will still be welcome around here as long as you dont bash. For me it came down to no bows really being any more than last years offerings. I have a 331, a Trykon, and a ViperTec. I am holding out for next year to see if there is anything that is really set apart from anything else. I just didnt feel that was the case this year with any manufacturer.
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