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good luck with your team, that's the spirit :) Don't have a Ross yet, (just won one) and the hope is that it'll be here around October. I've requested a competition 337 at light poundage (40--50#) and expect it to be an indoor spot bow. My 3d bow isn't a Ross and I probably won't use the one I'm getting for 3d, so reckon I'm out. Didn't shoot ASA or IBO this year (wondering if my cards expired) A year ago I shot semi-pro in IBO at a couple tournaments and got hammered(was young and foolish and didn't know what I was getting into). I shot open C in ASA and won a couple and shot 300 a couple times and moved up to open B for State where I shot the worst tournament of my life, next to my very first ever tournament; when I shot with no sights :) Anyway, I choked and couldn't make tournaments this year...may chase them again next year.
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