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Hello everyone, my name is INDIAN.
This is my first post and i am just Introducing myself. I just bought my first ROSS 334 in feb. and i love it. My last bow was a 14 year old pse carrol intruder. Wow! how times have changed. before i bought my Ross i shot about 20 different bows and researched them all. i shot six arrows through the 334 with only a plastic rest and a nock at 15 yards. 5 of those arrows were in the bullseye and the sixth was about 2 inches to the left. i turned around and told my dealer "Joe" at custom arrow archery to order me up one of these. In four days i was shooting video with my new 334.
Im not sure if my profile is complete, but i didn't know what bbcode and hmtl stood for. if some one could help me out a little bit, it would be much appreciated.
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