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It came today!!

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I got my CR337 today. Woohoo, I love it. Smooth and quite! I put my Sure-Loc, T.T., Doinker and sling on it. The only kicker is I don't have the right draw length. I went to my local archery shop last week and asked him about the 27 inch Mod. I asked him just incase he didn't have it in stock so I would have it today.....when my bow came....Well turns out he didn't have the right one and I have to wait ANOTHER week for it to come :wink: I am not happy to say the least! I even had a little scouting/sighting in thing planned for the weekend. Oh goes on I guess....Anybody wanna sell a 27" Mod....LOL

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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