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I've had it for two weeks now....

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I bought a left over '06 CR 337 on 1/12/07.
It's a 50/60# model with a 29" draw.
I loved everything about it except the twang after the shot.
I added a spacer to a meanv2 CSS that I had made for a BowTech to see if would help the string vibration.
The Ross is absolutely dead quiet now. All you hear is the arrow hitting the target.
Guess what I'm getting my 337 for Valentines Day?
Or should I say: Guess what my wife is getting me for Valentines Day?
CR337 + string suppressor = LOVE
Left overs are good.
I'll be spending more time on this forum now that it was revealed on AT.

Hello to all of the fellow Ross fans out there too.
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C-fused, I've got a question for you...

I have a MeanV CSS on my 331... I shot it for a while with no other string silencers, and it was dead quiet with no string twang. After a while, for some reason that string twang came back and I had to add some string silencers (bowjax) back near the cam and idler... I thought it was just the colder temps and drier air of winter that cause the rubber stopper to not be quite as effective.

Maybe the stopper on the CSS just got a little compressed and need to adjust the whole thing out towards the string a hair further... What do you think?

Thanks for any input!
asylum said:
i would adjust it out and hopefully it works...maybe the stopper is wearing out.
Highly possible... I've got a few thousand shots on it already. That's the thing about my Ross -- I cannot WAIT until my next opportunity to shoot it each time I finish shooting. I shoot almost every day now, which is something no other bow ever made me want to do.

I'm in already in contact with Dan (meanV), and just ordered a new stopper from him. He's always willing to help out right way... great guy, great product!
C-fused, thanks for the reply. If the new stopper from Dan doesn't cure it, I'll mess with the distance to string. Just measured BH to make sure it didn't move, and it's still right on, as is ATA... That doesn't mean I can't still optimize the position of the CSS further. Originally set it up so it's just barely touching the string. Thanks again!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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