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Joe Get's an Early Start!

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From the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) site:

Among the changes given approval for WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D are:

* Archery seasons for antlerless deer will be held Sept. 15-28, and Nov. 12-24, in addition to the statewide season dates;

* Archery deer season for antlerless deer in WMU 2B will be Dec. 10-22;

* Antlerless deer hunting with any legal sporting arm in WMU 2B will be Dec. 26-Jan.26; and

So now me and the Cardiac can be in the woods from 9/15/07 to 1/26/08
From: Huntinggal2007........ ....... Date: 18-Apr-07

The United Bowhunters of PA is proud to announce that the proposal for 30 min. hunting hours extension has passed the PGC board of commissioners just a few minutes ago.

The vote was 4 to 2 in favor.


Glad I got me the HAA site for low light condtions!
"Everything is coming my way!"- Carlos Santana

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This weekend started poorly. It started pretty good as we beat Ambridge Friday, even though the umpire said, “shut up Joe”. After the game I went and shot at C&M, and saw George’s bow they placed up on the wall next to his picture they imposed with Fred Bear at camp. I was shooting hot! Until my next to the last round. This WAS going to be my best score ever, but I choked hitting a white, then two blues. I ended up with a 263, my highest to date, I was hoping for that 280. When I came home my assistant (Stan) called me and told me our right fielder is not tagging because he is not coming out for the team.
The next morning I start tag day, and Stan comes up and tells me that our starting first basemen / closer is not coming out, going to play for a league in Youngstown (and play against 14 year olds?). I go to practice for a half an hour; then leave practice and check on a player who didn’t tag. Once I got him there I went to scout Ambridge. I can’t pass up getting paid to watch a baseball game, and there AD there feed me! Ambridge then losses by the Mercy Rule to Hampton. I go back to tag day and find out our #2 pitcher and starting third basemen is concentrating on football and is not tagging or playing either.

Well I am now beside myself. I go home and call my friend in charge, and he seems happy these guys quit, and tells me I can have two of the better younger players. This now turns into a goooood deal!

Elissa and I go to 4:30 mass. Then we head over to the Monaca VFW for our Ratification Party with the other teachers and staff. Many of the new hires our kids that played for me when I coached at Rochester. So I had to lead them in shots.

We danced the night away, and had a GREAT time! Elissa had to drive home because I had too much medicine. First time since our 25 wedding anniversary, no since Omo got drafted by the White Sox last summer. She asked me if I really did high-jack a bus at the Center game a few years back. No comment. The rest of the night is special too.

The next morning I have a sweet hang over. We have breakfast at Eat-N-Park.
We go in to see her mom. I decide to leave and visit my Parents about 5 miles away.
Going out of the Apartment complex about 11:30 AM, two nice size deer run out in front of me. This happens often there. Over Easter my brother-in law, Bob, and I saw eight in back of the building. As I am driving to my parents I realize that the hillsides are just to steep for them to be a staging area for this many deer. They must be coming from the woods across the gas line near the back door of the apartment building. Well I visited, and I have to be back at 1:00 for a meeting with Elissa’s sisters. That goes well, and I am proud of the wife for sticking to her guns.

Elissa now wants to go back and visit her mom again, and get her medicines in order for the week. As we go back I decide to check out the gas line, and tell her I’ll be back in a few minutes. I check around back and see nothing. I sit on the bench for about ten minutes hoping to see something. I decide to walk around back and go in the back door. As I near the entrance I remember seeing a deer about 20 yards from the entrance last spring. I decide to check out the pipe line for the first time in my mother-in-laws three years there. As soon as I stepped on the pipeline I see seven deer! Two looked like small horses! I watch for over five minutes and as I walk up the line I see several more, and tons of tracks, some very huge!

Near the top is posted signs, so I take a well traveled path into the woods away from that property. I see a turkey over 25 pounds, easily the biggest turkey I’ve ever seen! He was so huge, I was a little scared. I scout out a few trees over a worn staging area, and walk around to a nice vista of Kirwan Hts, if there is such a thing.

As I walk back down the hill, I see some orange tape and decide to investigate. It is a tree stand with climbing pole all set up with an umbrella. Even the scent pads are still in the tree. I decide that this is the spot! So I walk up the path to find my own tree. I go about 40 yards and see 3 more horses, I mean deer. I don’t think they are the same ones. I walk farther and see several more, a few pretty huge also. We look at one another and my mind starts racing and pacing to October.

I decide to head back. As I approach the Gas Line I see a (my first) shed, from a small eight point. I go and tell Elissa and mom. Mom said she never sees deer there (Hard to see through the window in her wheelchair). Elissa tell her we ALWAYS do! As Elissa and I leave I had to show her the gasline. As we walk in we see two tails. Later that night mom calls and tells us there are three outside her window.

I think I found me a honey hole!

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