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Just want to say hey everyone and how you all doing ??

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Just like to say hello to all and that ross bows rule!!!!!! I have the cardiac and the 331 love them both. :( :( :(
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Welcome aboard! :grin:
Welcome, hope you enjoy the site. Lots of great people with good advice and great attitudes.
Welcome and enjoy yourself.
Welcome to the family.
Welcome aboard. :grin:
yes they do and welcome to the forum :(
:) Just like to say thanks to all and I have been at this archry stuff going on 35 years and I can say that in all honesty I have not had this smooth of a bow in my hands till now.

I own a 07 cardiac and a 06 331
flash point sights and ripcord rests on both

Again thank you for the warm welcome.

Welcome to ROSS LAND! :) LOTS of good stuff here!! :(
Welcome to the forum and enjoy :(
Welcome! :? We're glad to have you join us. :(
Howdy, love the cardiac :-o
Welcome and enjoy the forum...hope you share some of that 35 years of experience. :grin:
Welcome aboard. Bowhunting and you get to fish the Boundary Waters? Uhhh...LUCKY! :cool:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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