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Kisser button

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I have a 331 and just a standard u-nique kisser on it and it is tearing my lip up every time I shoot anyone else have this problem or recommend a better kisser?
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A friend of mine put a kisser button on his new Cardiac (just because he has always used one). We were shooting at the range (1st time with the bow) and the corner of his mouth and his bottom lip where the kisser button contacted literally tore the skin off his lip. It was bleeding and looked bad. We have been talking to him for years to take the kisser button off, so he did (that day). He doesn't miss the button at all now, is shooting as good or better than ever, probably gets a little more FPS, and at least when he smooches his bowstring now it doesn't bite back.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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