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Does anyone know if arrow launcher is suppose to be exactly perpendicular to arrow shelf at full draw? Any pics of a correct setup would be appreciated also. Instructions are a little vague. Thanks. Chris

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Will see if I can get a pic of mine tonight.

1) You need to set it up with the cord not connected (then there is no need to come to full draw).

2) Set the spring tension on the rest so that it is enough to lift the arrow (must be at the weight you will shoot) but not so much that the arrow bounces when you let the launcher go.

3) If your nock point is correct, you need to set the arrow perpendicular to the riser (level) or just under level (nock a touch high). I set mine level.

4) Once this is correct, you need to hold the launcher down, keeping it about 1/8" off the shelf, and pull the cord tight and tighten the screw. Be careful not to tighten the screw so tight that you cut the rope.

If you are still having issues, PM me your phone number and I will call you and help.

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