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Choosing a bow is a personal preferance. Both Mathews and Hoyt make pretty much the top 2 bows in the world. Go to any top flight shooting event and your top 5 shooters pretty much will be shooting Hoyt and or Mathews,,,,you HARDLY will see any other bow company in the money at any of the biggest of the big events. You got Dave Cousins shooting a Prime bow now,but he basically carried Hoyt on his shoulders for years.

No Hoyt and Mathews are not the worlds top speed bow companies,yet they are PLENTY fast enough. Right now in this market i'd opt for a Hoyt,hence why 2 out of the last 3 bows I bought were Hoyt's,but the Z7 Extreme really had caught my eye. I sort of moved away from standard single cams with the mind set I believe they have contributed to my personal "target panic",could be wrong,but when I made the switch over is when I started picking it up.

Hoyt offers a more diversified line up of bows then does Mathews so chances are they would have something closer to your pocketbook. Gotta say both companies are very "proud" of their products,,,as in EXPENSIVE. Big difference between the 2 companies is the cam systems. Hoyt uses a slaved cam and a half which to me is a single cam spread over 2 cams. While Mathews uses mainly single cams,,,round wheel on top,cam on the bottom. My target panic I believe came from losing "creep" while at full draw. Neither system offers much in creep if any at all,but being the cam and a half is spread over 2 cams I find it easier to allow the arrow to "creep" forward and muscle it back when I'm ready to shoot. A single cam always has that top wheel pulling and I feel it is harder or more effort to muscle if you come off the wall waiting for an animal to turn for a shot.

I've killed plenty with both,,,I think accuracy wise,I shoot a Hoyt better,but thats me,not you. If I were you i'd opt to shoot the snot out of both of them before I buy,it appears once you buy a bow,you're locked into it for a long time. So make sure you get what you like in order to enjoy shooting it for years to come.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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