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I've been shooting an '05 Switchback since October '05. I have learned some about tuning. I've paper tuned,,walk back tuned [some] and group tuned. I don't know much about these different tuning methods other than sometimes things [arrow travel] don't always react to adjustments like they are supposed to.
HOWEVER,,,took my '06 331 out back yesterday for an hour or so. Got some shoot time with the new SPOT HOGG WHAMMY rest. Let me just say,,,"~WOW~". It's NICE to adjust a rest,,,and GET RESULTS. I think I'm going to REALLY LIKE AND ENJOY my ROSS 331~!~
THIS bow is NICE. I think I am going to have a new partner when September 2007 rolls around and DEER SEASON opens.
You guys might want to try a Whammy. Study this rest and how it works. It contains the arrow very well,,although not a 'full' containment,,VERY good containment unless you swing sideways off the tree stand!
I think I may sand some of the grip edge off the right side grip of my 331. Seems to be a bit too much sharp edge on the back edge/lip.
I'm thoroughly enjoying my new [to me] 331. This is fun.
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