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My Ross CR334 and my Bowtech Tribute

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And in this corner, weighing in at approximately 4.0 pounds (buck naked) the 2006 Ross CR334.
In the opposite corner, weighing in at 4.1 pounds (naked as well) the 2006 Bowtech Tribute.

Both bows set at 28.5" draw @ 71 pounds of draw .

This is not an actual match, as I can tell you right now, There was NO loser in my eyes.
I was trying to compare the efficiency of both of these bow and it gave me the time to get em out to play. :)
Both bows are as sweet to shoot as they look....
Boy, do I think they are "purty". :(

I ran a 10 arrow volley for each of the three different arrows thru my Pro Chrony (with a new battery).
I was wondering what the variances in speeds would be for three different weighing arrows.

Bow Speed Comparision:
CR334_ (363 gr.) 275.5 FPS
Tribute (363 gr.) 310 FPS
CR334_ (383 gr.) 269.75 FPS
Tribute (383 gr. 300 FPS
CR334_ (412 gr.) 260 FPS
Tribute (412 gr.) 290.5 FPS

I shot all arrows first with the Tribute, peep and loop only on the strings, which were custom made by Mike Carter (Crackers) and with speed mods.
I knew the bow was HOT, but wow what a lil power house for a shorter draw. :-?
After firing a few dozen shots of the Tribute, I did notice how much easier and lighter my CR334 felt on the draw
from the binary cams ramp up.
Although the speeds were slower in the Ross, it performed exceptionally for having not only a peep and loop on the string
but Bow Jax- Ultrajax II, a CHL Vibekiller string suppressor, and no speed noks on the string.
I was very pleased to see the Ross CR334 spit a 412 grain (log) thru the Chrony at a constant 260 feet per second.....
I would also bet that with the stock Winners Choice strings on the bow, It would of picked up a few more FPS.
All in all, not only did I have a great outing but I got to see really what these rigs will do with various arrows. :(
I have read and been told about how efficient the binary cam is, this shooting not only proved it,
but showed just how well the Ross CR334 cam can handle the heavier arrows as well.
This fine rig loosing only 15.5 FPS thru a addition of 49 grains in arrow weight. :roll:
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Excellent post!! :sad:
A bowline that is here to stay!!! :lol:
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