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Need bow advice please...

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I am wanting to buy a bow. I'm new to bow hunting. Which one of the pse bows would you recommend for beginners? I don't have a pro shop nearby to test them out. How crucial is "trying" them before buying? Thanks for all of your feedback.
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Cordini is absolutely right on getting an initial feel at a dealer... but if you are going to by blind there is an incredible deal on eBay right now for brand new #60 lb 2013 PSE Hammers shipped to your door no tax for $401.00. Quality strings, smooth draw, fast, quiet, lifetime warranty. You can't beat it at that price! I just bought one that I am setting up and shipping to my brother in FL who is getting into archery. Finish is flawless. Also has a rotating module which covers 26-31" draws which is really helpful for someone trying to determine there ideal draw length.

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