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Need Some Advice on an Inexpensive Bow

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Hi guys! I'm brand new to these forums but with how much I'm infatuated with archery I figured it was about time to find a forum. Forgive me if this is a hackneyed question, but any advice would help. I've been shooting for a little over a year now, 3-D tourneys and hunting. I've learned the ins and outs of my bow, upgraded the accessories, and adjusted it perfectly for me. Every now and then I'll bring a friend out to shoot with me and needless to say, one of them is hooked, now. He's a pretty good shot, especially considering he can't even anchor properly with my shorter reach. We've done some shopping and test drives and he really likes a few hoyt bows but doesn't really have the money at the moment to buy a high end compound. We considered getting the accessories he wants and slapping them on a genesis pro until he had the money for a long term bow, but from what I'm seeing they only max 25 lbs and he already comfortably shoots 50lbs with approximately a 27" draw.

So do any of you have recommendations for a cheap compound that could get him by for a few months to a year tops until he can justify a nice hoyt? I'm thinking $300.00 tops. He's ok with shooting mine for awhile but I'm concerned he's going to train himself improper stance just to compensate for my shorter reach. It's possible in searching for something that doesn't exist. If that's the case, just let me know or if you have any suggestions for good starter bows, any advice is welcome.
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I like the used bow option, have three used ones that are going strong right now. Only one had to be re-stringed, it was an older Hoyt, it is my bow-fishing rig, the rest are in fine shape.
Guess I am old fashioned on the bow buying. Bought all of mine at three different local shops!
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