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I own 2 Hoyt Carbons, going on a 3rd.

For me, after I bought the Alpha Max and fell in love with it, I bought both Carbon bows basically without shooting them, sight unseen. I just knew by then Hoyt's style,,, it was good for me.

I shot a couple arrows thru a Hoyt with the wrong cam and didn't get the feel for the cam. I mainly bought them on how they felt in my hand and trusted my older brother's advice. I did shoot his Matrix one afternoon.

I wouldn't recommend you do as I did. I was stone cold a Hoyt type of person. But if you like the Hoyt, truthfully in my mind, there ain't nothing made anywhere that's better than a Hoyt top line bow today.

Now is an Element or a Matrix Plus a better choice than a Carbon Spyder Turbo ?

I'm leaning Element right now. I'm also leaning RKT cam over the Z cam. I think the Z cam is a bit "spongy" on the wall. But I'm gonna need more time to give my final opinion on that.

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