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Need some tuning advice!

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I recently bought a used 70# 30" Hoyt Nitrum Turbo in very good condition on which I mounted a Trophy Ridge Smack Down Pro rest. It is set up to be limb driven. I decided to paper tune the bow prior to french tuning it simply to confirm that my vertical alignment is good. What I found was by the time I removed all vertical tearing in the paper, my arrow was sitting visibly point-up on the rest.

I can't figure out why I'm getting this result. Any advice is appreciated.
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Set it nock level 90 degrees thru the center of the Berger hole. Set center shot at 13/16 off of the riser not the rubber shelf pad. Sync cams to hit at the same time. Then yoke tune from there. The rest activation cord needs to be close to the cam. On my CS34 ZT ran right in between the air shock and cam. I know you can't see the Berger hole due to the shelf pad. I took a pin and stuck it thru the Berger hole and thru the pad marked it with a silver sharpie to give a reference of the hole. Makes things much easier. Hopefully you have a press & draw board.
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