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New to the world of archery. Help? Many questions so beware :]

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I always was interested in archery ever since i was a young girl. I got a beginners recurve bow left hand (left eye dominant) with an 18lb draw weight. The bow length itself is about 65''? I forgot. And i got eastons 1616s. Some other archer recommended it so i just took his word.

Anyways for literally only doing archery for about collectively an hour i'm decent. Hitting where i want it to go. But the things thats a irritates me is the noise! i dont know if its my release or what, but every time it goes "BOING" my boyfriend then does the same thing and it sounds like a whisper. I am trying to find a trainer in my area to help me out. But i did everything from holding it with the very tips, to only using two fingers ect...

Another question is what does 1616, 1816 mean in regards to arrow shafts? How do i then find the correct inserts/tips/nocks for it. I know its going to take a while for me to know all the lingo, but its something im serious of sticking with and i don't want to end up buying 100's of dollars worth of gear to find out it doesnt fit
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I am not an expert.....

have seen it many times that a heavier arrow will make less noise than a lighter one - but you will pay for that in arrow flight. Look at the charts for your bow/draw and see what spine it recommends and start from there. You can always put some string silencers on it as well.

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