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Newbie here.

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Hello everyone in Rossland America.
My name is Miguel, I recently retired and I live in Superior Az.
I am a member of the Globe Az and Superior Archery Clubs.
Just got my CR334 and I've already sold my Apex and my son is shooting my Switchback XT.
I really like this bow.
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Welcome to the forum and enjoy :( :( :(
Welcome aboard, miguel! :? We're glad you joined us.
Welcome to ROSS LAND !!!! :) Lots of good stuff here!!!
Welcome aboard, Miguel! :grin:
Welcome, you have joined the best forum on the web, bar none! These guys are all a class act.
Welcome aboard
Welcome! You made a smart purchase when you bought the Ross. :(
Glad to have you. Enjoy.
welcome :(
Welcome, enjoy the forum...neat stuff. :(
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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