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Just registered.
Been hunting [bow and rifle] since about 1966. I"m 56 years old and post often on other archery and rifle forums. Guess those typing classes in 1968 were worth taking afterall!
Love to bowhunt,,but got SERIOUS about it in the fall of 2005 when I purchased a Switchback. That bow really showed me what precision hunting bows are all about. As of this past year, my MAIN focus for deer hunting has changed from precision rifle shooting [longer ranges] to ARCHERY hunting. I still take a rifle in late season,,but ARCHERY season is a MAIN SEASON for me now!
As I learned about the latest bows,,,I started hearing about the ROSS bows. To make a long story short, I emailed ROSS asking how I could try one out. Next thing I know, I meet with a ROSS rep and my local pro at his store. HE wants to see the ROSS line, too. Now that shop is carrying ROSS!....or at least will when the first ever ROSS order comes in.
I am really excited over the 331 and 334 I tried.
The 331 is a used bow,,and it's on it's way to me now via UPS.

But I think I'm going to have a time trying to decide which bow goes 'up a tree' with me! I tried and like the new Cardiac,,but you guys are ordering so many of them I figured I'd have to wait quite a while to get one. The 331 will be fine with me!
I am looking forward to many hours of shooting both bows in my back woods range!! My wife of 31 years is going to get tired of those words ---"dinner is READY",,,my reply being "ok,,just a MINUTE" {always time for one more shot, right?}.
Alan in GA

Welcome........I have a 337 and had a 334 earlier in the year then sold it to only buy another 334 tonight- he he....
I cant wait for the Cardiacs t ohit the streets too, I will have one of them too.

Alot of Ross-O-Holics here !!!!
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