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I've just downloaded the On-X Hunting App. I have not upgraded to the features it offers, only the simple FREE app. It downloaded very quickly onto the Iphone and seemed simple enough.

The other night, I arrowed a huge monster boar hog. He ofcourse ran into the thickest of cover deep into snarls,vines and tall palmettos.We trailed the blood a good ways,found part of his lung he must have either coughed up or my hatchet broadhead cut out ? Blood was fantastic, but the vines and cover was hands and knees navigable if at all.

Finally after simply not having anywhere to go,we gave up finding the next blood. We were out of blood and angles to turn to. I look at my buddy and say,you know where we are ? He said, well yeah,you know where we are too. I said yea I do know where I am, but I mean,where is our trail out. lol. We simply were too far in,and no open trails in sight,flashlights getting dim. He says this way, I think another way,,,lol. Getting a bit whooped, legs killing me,and back stiff. I just stood up against a thin blackjack oak and said, i'm going to GPS us and see where the nearest trail is.

I clicked on the On-X,had 1 bar on my phone,our cell service where we hunt sux. Takes about 30-45 seconds to zero in on your location. Then slowly fills in the pieces of the puzzle with what looked like Google Earth,and as it is downloading more and more, here comes the mark on my stand, the area I park,trails,thick heads and swamp ponds we call "flag ponds. Then here I am. I'm in the middle of the thickest stuff,,,but there is a game trail it looked like about 30 yards to my left,my buddy is fighting to the right where it is not getting easier. I tell him what's up. So he freezes up and I fight my way to the hardest 50 yards I ever crawled thru,get the trail,and guess what ? Find blood too ! lol. So I mark that spot, and I gotta get my buddy out from where he is. He too is about 40-60 yards in I figure. I circle around the trail to the closest spot I could hear his voice. Tell him to walk straight out to me. He changed his course a bit and comes out in about 10 minutes. Man was he impressed.

We got back on the blood, and trailed more,until we found no more blood. Must have been a 1 lunger,and the shield coagulated the wound and it stopped dropping blood. We gave up after a few circles and just looked on the On-X app for our main trail,got it, and walked out.

If this was 25 years ago ??? We might have spent several hours fighting thru that Florida jungle stuff. For a free app ??? You cannot go wrong !! Get it and download it today. Place all your main points in,your stands and intersections etc. Save them,and when you come on the app,your content is placed right there where you are.
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