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Well I arrowed an opening day buck i've been catching on trail cam, and had walk under me 2 weeks before opening day. He came again,and didn't offer me the best of shots,by contorting his body into a hard right bend away from me. I dropped my single pin sight down to the far side leg and when about 1/3 down, let the arrow eat. The 80 pound PSE EVO EVL 32 simply obliviated the bone, slit the heart and smoked both lungs. People talk trash about the Easton FMJ, but these 5mm 300 spined shafts with the Carbon Express Pile Driver 150 grain heads opened him up and blood ended in 65 yards to the middle picture where I found him by a pond slough. .

As you can see, our South Florida deer are tiny. This is a 4.5 year old buck per the Biologist who aged his jawbone. We get a 100 inch deer, we get a monster. The deer really don't start getting bigger until you reach above Route 70 in Florida where the Citrus Farms start getting more populated.

Needless to say, i'm extremely happy, and he is eating very good. I had all steaks and the rest ground into burger meat. I love me some USA Cheeseburgers on the George Foreman grill !

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