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GOt witht he owner and had him order what all I wanted for my Cardiac to put on a ticket. He has to order most all of it due to the "lefty" disease :) . Here's what's going to be on her; For the rest I'm going with the Black Limbdriver, the sight, HHA DS 5019 I think, it's the one with the rheostat. For the stabilizer, I'm going with the Elite Limbsaver hunter stab in black, accompany that with a dozen GT Pro-Hunters, 3 Rages, and the bill comes to $376 and some change. Boy I love employee discounts :) , everything at 10% above cost. So it's looking like I'll be able to sell the 337 and have a little money left over. Now if she'll just get here :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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