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Hey all, I just recently pick up two new bows and wanted to share my initial thought on the new Hoyt Rx7 carbon Ultra and the Mathews V3X. I love tinkering with the new stuff and I have to admit these are two awesome bows and it is going to come down to a coin toss on what one will be my primary hunting bow this year.

The Mathews bridge lock is an ingenious concept. I put the axcel fixed 5 pin on there for now as the adjustable versions are tough to come by ATM. Also being wedged in the riser my local shop told me the left to right can be tricky to zero as the offset compensates for the riser width so its tough to get the sight pins far enough over. I would love to hear if anyone has ran into this with their spot hog or axcel. MGB dovetails are too large to work in the bridge lock :(

Tomorrow the new Hamskee epsilon arrow rest is getting installed on both bows.
Currently the QAD made for mathews in on the v3x but i am not a fan of the loose cord on the cable driven systems. I pulled the hamskee hunter off one of my rx5’s that i traded in and installed that on the rx7.
If you hunt out west that cord is just begging to get hung up in the brush!

The other new bow is the Hoyt carbon rx7 ultra. I kept one of my rx5’s from last year so I have a direct comparison to the two. Both are fantastic but the rx7 is definitely a step up from last years rx5. The look of the new riser is a drastic change, I refer to it as very Glock-like as compared to a Sig. Not as sexy looking but sexy doesn’t kill animals.

The draw cycle on both the 5 and 7 are excellent but the 7 is smoother and the back was isn’t as soft IMO. There is very little hand shock on either. Honestly both are better than the v3x. As far as quietness the hoyt takes that too. Its whisper quiet.

It will ultimately come down to how well i shoot these bows. Being so damn cold here in the NW I haven’t got to spend as much time as i would like outdoors with them but the weather is changing and I am getting anxious to get out and spend the time dialing these beauties in.

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