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PSE Phenom recommended accessories?

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Hello! I have decided to commit to the hobby of target archery, as it interests me greatly. I have just recently ordered my first bow, the Phenom. The shop I ordered it from told me it will take up to two weeks to come in, and I figured that would give me time to scope out my load out so I'll be making educated decisions instead of eating my money!

Any suggestions/recommendations on accessories I should pair with, and if yes which ones and why?
I appreciate any/all help
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I guess I should also state I am completely new to archery and this was my first bow purchase!
Strictly target for now. And I didn't even think of buying used, thanks. Just trying to see what variants of excessories are geared more towards target shooting if there is such a distinction
Hi all. Update on the setup: QAD hunter rest, HHA single pin sight, Scott ninja release. I just found an OLD 7" saunders torque tamer stabilizer my father'n'law gave me im gonna try out. Its pretty heavy, around 1.5lb, so I guess ill see how it helps with me shooting target. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for a better stabilizer fit for me i will appreciate them!
For arrows I went with gold tip expedition hunter 5575/400 with some field tips (obviously ha).

I appreciate the tips, yall helped me focus on what worked for me starting out. Its been pretty nasty weather here for my outdoor ranges (windy!), so im gonna try to find some indoors to practice my fundamentals

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