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Quiver Recommendations!

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I am looking for a solid, dependable, quiver that I may remove from the bow if I want to hang it in the treestand. I also want something that will handle western Big Game Hunting abuse!

I have been told that the following 8 will fit the bill, but I am looking for any input on these or some other quivers that I may have overlooked.

Alpine Archery Soft Loc Quiver
Bohning Arrow Antler Bow Quiver
Diamond Max-4, 1 Pc. 4 Arrow Quiver
Martin Archery Fast 4 Quiver
Treelimb Quiver
Trophy Ridge - Ridge Hunter
Tru Glo Pro Tune Quiver
Vital Gear Extreme Vital Pack Quiver

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I really like the Alpine soft lok quiver for the bow.
I have not used my cat quiver yet, but hopefully one day I will go on an extended hunt trip to use it it to full capability :)
I put the Alpine on my new Cardiac and it's the best quiver I've ever had. I looked at the Kwikee and I thought they looked cheap also.
Alpine sof-loc gets my vote. I like everything being together when
I hook the tow rope on. Once I'm in the tree, I take the quiver off
and hang it where I can reach it. I always practice without the
quiver attached so when I'm hunting i take it off.
If I were going to spot and stalk, I would go with the Cat Quiver.
I've used the G5 Head-Loc for 3 years and it's been great. One-hand detach, vertical adjustability, and it holds 6 arrows. Can't ask for much more than that.
I think all your choices are great. During Covid-19 2020, I ordered a new bow. Our supply chains had dried up by the time it came in and I was outfitting it all out to basically spit and stalk pigs and treestand hunt deer and pigs.

I wanted a slim profile. There was nothing available really in the upper echelon types. So I dug a bit deeper @ names I knew, trusted but weren’t big “quiver” names.

I stumbled onto Trophy Taker. A trusted rest maker many can’t deny.

They had a moderately inexpensive 5 spot quiver with rubber type lined broadhead holders, double arrow clips for ultra security thru rough palmettos and vines to not lose an arrow. The holders were replaceable and 2 separated sizes included for 4mm micro or larger 6mm standard. My 5mm fit into both.

The hood was vented and it was liteweight with a simple lever lock.

The closing deal for me was it included a small rope up top to hang on a tree hook. It’s not the most slim profile but not as thick as a Kwikee Kwiver profile.

Price was I thought ridiculous at the time @
$34 or $39 ? It came 1 color, black. My bow was a black out. Sold.

I’ve been using it since 2020 May. I have zero complaints. It’s functionality is tremendous!!! It’s not as “inline” as a $199 inline quiver but $160 less money.

I ordered a new Hoyt and bought another Trophy Taker for it. I said why not ?

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