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Rage broadheads

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i just wondered what everybody thought of the 2 blade rage broadhead..they look like they put some major holes in the deer but i was a little worried about penetration..thanks
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Good friend of mine tried them on a couple of deer last year. I will say this, they do put a hole in a deer. On each of the times he did this, he had pass through, but the broad head blades broke or bent after sticking into the ground. I have been and always will continue to shoot Slick Tricks :(
Hopefully in a month from today I'll have a first hand report for you concerning the rage. :(
i am making the switch this year myself to see what the Rage is all about. After watching all of this years Drury videos, I was convinced. I was a die hard Montec fanatic, but every hit I see from those Rage heads has been very devastating. Even the not so good hits. We'll see come November. :grin:
Like I mentioned before in this thread, the Rage does do some damage. If you are referring to this years Drury DVD's or Tape's, almost half the shots did not get full penetration. I don't know about you, but I would much rather have a hole on each side of the deer when shooting from an elevated position for easier tracking and recovery purposes if needed :-x
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