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Hi, I am new to this forum and new to archery, having not shot a bow in about 20 years. Anyway, I just decided to get back into it and bought an older compound bow and a few older recurves that were too reasonable to pass up. I am learning all I can about AMO standards and proper string lengths...

The recurves I bought are:
1.) Bear Red Bear 50, (Assuming 50 AMO 46" actual length).
2.) Fleetwood Outers No. 2004 Fibre Glas 54" Bow, 50" String, 25-30# at 26", (this one is easy, string length is printed on the bow).
3.) Razorback 0966 - 66", 40# at 28", (Assuming 66 AMO 62" actual length). This is the one I am concerned about, the bow has white fiberglass "arms" and has some small cracks in the fiberglass, which I intend to try to fix. Should I use a 62" string? Or would it be safer to use a 63" string?

Thanks, any input will be greatly appreciated.
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