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Hello everyone !!! Thank you to Mark for finally putting up a forum for the greatest bow company on the planet bar none.

A little about myself: I have been an archer for 18 years , bowhunter for 8 years and a pro shop tech for 3 years. I have had the pleasure of dealing Ross bows for my former employer for two seasons. We started dealing Ross before they moved from Kansas. Right from the start they were great bow and continue to be. I have gone to another pro shop which was good for me but unfortunately, the shop I have gone is not a Ross dealer...... YET. I'm workin' on it.

From the very first one I got my hands on I knew this company was going to go far as long as they continue in the direction that they have. With thier superior products and down to earth attitude and outstanding service , Ross is by far one of the best companies to deal with. I had the pleasure of meeting Angie Ross at last years ATA show and a few of Ross's engineers including Doug Hutchinson who is always a pleasure to speak with on the phone. The northeast is also very fortunate in that Ross made the very good decision to be represented by Mike Wieck sales. Our regional sales manager is Adam Flod who is also a pleasure to deal with. I just can't say enough good about this company and the company they keep.

The bow I'm currently shooting is a CR331 outfitted with a Fuse sight and stabilizer, and an NAP 360 Capture rest. What an awesome bow this is !!! Though I have not been successful at taking game with it yet , I consistantly shoot better scores in both 3d and spots with this bow than any other I have ever shot and I shot longer axle hoyts for years previous.

Here's what I Rock out with...

GroundhogCK said:
If my wife would just get home from her vacation so I could use the digicam again... ARGH!

ha ha, I know how that is bro....I finally broke down and bought 2 cams.
Of course she got the expensive one.
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