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I must say theres not much you can do to improve there grip.Very nice design. But if you would like a different look or there are some changes you would like to make, Git-A-Grip would be glad to help you.I am just now getting the Ross line worked up.We have all sorts of woods to choose from along with the colorfull dymonwood line of wood.

You will be able to get the grips in left and right handed.With the screw hole or with out.If you get the them without the screw hole they will come with double faced tape or you can glue them on.

Cost TYD will be 35.00 for most woods and 45.00 for Dymonwood.

Wait time well it all depends.We do after market grips for 5 different bow companys and we do all of MONSTER BOWS grips.
Along with the fact that my UPS job keeps me way to tied up.
But you will find that they are worth the wait.

Here is my grip made in Zebrawood. It is on with double face tape and it looks awesome on the hardwoods camo.

[img][/email] 910-840-5591 Thanks guys Bob

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ah i thought 30, my bad. whats the turn around time?

but sounds like youll be making some LH cocobolo grips soon

Got my grips today for my 337/Comp. bow. :(

Detail is very clean and nice.
The grips fit just as well as the original Ross ones;
yet add a lil flare to your rig. :)
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