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Mark X your calendars (again) Gentlemen-

Who- All Ross Archery Forum Members :(
What- You will see :!:
Where- Right here at our "Digital", Home away from Home :grin:
When- Saturday night APR 21st, gotta be on to win.
Why- Cause, :???: What else ya got to do at night when it's too dark to shoot that sweet Ross bow???

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“Puzzle Piece Finder Rules”

The below Ross Archery advertisement
poster is missing 4 Pieces to it.

Somewhere in these Ross Archery threads is the jpeg images of each of the the four pieces in actual size needed.......
I (using my mod power) have inserted the puzzle pieces in ANY random post under the “Ross Bows” and “General Archery Information” topics here on Ross Archery Chat Forum. No need to look in other topics, they are not there. :)
The first person to save the images and paste them into the poster correctly Wins.

RULE #1- No cheating, Integrity is a must, use my jpegs and don’t try to get clipart, pictures, or other files from the interenet.

RULE#2- No teaming up, Prize is for individual winners (there will be a 2nd prize for the 2nd winner as well.)

Pieces MUST be in the correct spot on the above poster to win.

save the jpeg image of the above poster to your desktop, open with MSpaint and when you find the puzzle pieces all you have to do is copy and paste pieces into the puzzle.
Once your pieces are installed in the poster, save the poster as its complete and either PM it to me or email it to me. If you email it, Make sure you PM me so I know to check my email ASAP.

Good Luck and GO

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We we are up to 10 online, hopefully you all are not having a difficult time.

Feel free to PM me questions if needed, I wont tell you where to look though. :)
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