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Mark your calendars (again) Gentlemen-
One Last "Hoorah" from the G.I.

Who- All Ross Archery Forum Members :(
What- Ross Art Expo

Get them digital cams, MSpaint programs and all that computer clip art fired up…..I wanna see custom artwork for the following topics-

1. “Why Ross is Number One in my Book”.
2. This is how I “Own More Bone”.
3. “Bustin’ Hearts @ 320 FPS”.

- Members can enter one picture/Jpeg per category that may contain personal pics and/or clipart made from computer or hand drawn and scanned. Creativity is a plus. :)
- All Admins and or Mods will be judges and vote for a winner in each category.

- You are allowed to use logos, pics, Icons, ect found thruought the internet.
- No pics will be hosted or posted in this thread till I log in and give the go ahead to start. Judgeing will then commence at 30 minutes after I post the "START".

Where- Right here at our "Digital", Home away from Home :grin:
When- Saturday night about 2000 hours Central time on July 14th , gotta be signed in to win. :smile:
Why- Cause, :???: What else ya got to do at night when it's too dark to shoot that sweet Ross bow and its too early im the year to hunt???

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Even if you dont have a digital cam you can still play.......

If you got a computer all it takes is cutting/ pasting or saving pics and using Microsoft paint program from your computer startup menu. :(

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Alright I am gonna kick it off a lil early, in about an hour, I will make the starting post....................

Have your "ART WORK" ready.

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Remember, only 1 entry per catagory and please post which catagory you are entering the pic for in your post.

Once all the mods and Admins have voted, I will announce the winner...may not be till tomorrow morning, getting all the mod and admin votes. :)

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The votes have been tallied..........................

The winner for, This is how I “Own More Bone” is-

I would like to put a special :grin: Thank- You :grin: out,
to our friends at California Shooters Club & Bonecutter's Sporting Goods in California, Missouri who donated the prizes to give-away for this lil contest.

Not only a wonderful place to fish and hunt but filled with some shops and clubs to attend as well.

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Hey, me again :smile:

Mike offered me to choose prize and I did.
But, I changed my mind.
I've already won on contest, and received nice shirt (btw too large for me) and some catalogs. Unfortunately, Mike paid high s/h to Serbia.

I like art by SkyFreek60 (very funny) and I wish that he receive my prize.

Glory to me, prize to him :lol:

Thanks :? for votes and cheers :grin: ,
Sasha (not Shasha)
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