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Season winding down................

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So how is everybody doing?
Tell us about your harvests or anything else that you might've shot.
If your like me, I'll shoot anything that will not get me in trouble.
Actually I'm about 2 weeks out from moving into my house.
Been in a camper since july 06.
Gonna try and catch up on lost hunting time.
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Shot a doe right before rifle season. Shot a 7pt buck during rifle and havn't had a chance to get out since. Hopefully gonna stick another doe Sat morning.
Due to my upcoming deployment, I didn't get out this year to hunt.....I wanted to spend as much time with my wife and daughters as I could.

I have been shooting my Competition a lil more the last few days though and have gotten some pretty good groups with it ....
Luckily I had pin noksl, he he :lol:

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Just found a local spot shooting league about 10 miles from post...........gonna go try to shoot some spots as soon as I am done setting up my 337.
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