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Shot my 334 w/out stabilizer today.... WOW

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I can't believe I actually shoot better without my Doinker on my 334.
I killed 4 arrows today and really wasnt tryingh that hard. No robinhoods but I did smack em good enough to take fletchings and splinter a few shafts....need to quit doing that.

Still the bow very quiet, no hand shock, and yet more balanced in my hand than before. I noticed its a lil easier to stay on target.
Now I just need to find a super light short stab to replace it so I can use my wrist sling still.
I do have a mini S-Coil on order, hopefully that will work.
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That's why I just ordered a Posten stab... cross-drilled aluminum for max length but lightweight. Plus he does gunmetal wraps on them that match the Ross cams & limb pockets perfectly.
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