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whats the best way to get rid of a skunk without shooting it? i've got two skunks that are starting to be a pain in the arse

If you have ANY type of food outside, they will stay around!!
That includes any type of garbage or pet food, They can and
they will eat anything!! Don't forget a skunk is nocturnal, so they
will be eating anytime through the night.

They have skunk repellents, don't know how good they are. I
hear that pepper sprays work, but have to use them often.
Skunks being nocturnal, don't care for bright lights. I also just
read last week where this company, Contech manufactures a
device called "The Scarecrow" which is a sprinkler attached to
a motion sensor that will spray any animals that come into your
yard. Skunks will make homes underneath your house, sheds,
and other above ground structures. You need to seal them off
as much as possible. A skunk can fit through holes as small as
4 inches. If nothing else, try trapping them!!

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get some predator urine at the hunting shop or trapping supply.

coyote or bobcat urine would give them second thoughts about staying around. And get rid of food sources.
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