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LH Trophy Ridge Nitro Extreme 5 pin sight
Almost new, no package $45 TYD.

Camelback Motherlode assault pack
Black with 100 oz. bladder and large backpack area, retails for over $150 in most places will see for $80 TYD

Bear 7 arrow Quiver
Advantage Timber, had arrows in it but never even hunted with. $14 TYD

Goldtip Ultralight Pro Series 22s
6 arrows cut to 29 inches (to pin nok groove) with 4 inch feathers (2 lime green/1 black) with 80 grain glue in tips & pin noks.
Approx wieght is 319 grains.
6 shafts cut to 28.5 inches are unfletched (except 1 that has 3d duravanes) and will come with pin noks to make them the same length as the fletched 6.
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hey hey just what i need....

Send me some pics of that quiver!!! I need one for the good ole Ross. I have been using a one piece from a buddy but i need to buy one. Is it one or 2?
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