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I am shooting a 334. I have owned just about every bow under the sun. I go through 15-20 a year. I am slowing down a bit and going to try to stick with 3 bows, 1 bow for each sport, hunitng/3D/spots. I am as impressed with the way Ross makes there bow as any I've seen. The grip and limb pockets are the first two things I look at, and Ross nailed them both to a "T". I have run on all the DSH forums, from the old BowTech and Newberry Froum to the DSH and NCarchery shack. I enjoy everything about the sport of archery including setup, string building, and arrow building. For me, shooting is just a perk :( . And before you ask, THERE ARE NO DEER IN OHIO!!

I have noticed I can't give Smoke a rough way to go for shooting a BowTeh any more :-D :D . That's what I like about these forums, everybody is pretty laid back and not so uptight about a little fun. This sport is supposed to be fun. Taking it to serious is the best way I know for somebody to give it up. Enjoy people, shoot and be happy :(
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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