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Well I got an email from a guy that staffs for them and is telling me the new model bows coming out are suppose to be very nice.........Never even heard of the Co. till the email. :???:

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This was there 2007 bow lineup that is no longer being sold cause they are coming out with thier 08 bows :???: :

Here is part of an email I received after asking several questions....

We are currently sold out of all 2007 LH models, and will not be mfg. LH models until 2008.
Risers are approximately 24 - 27 inches in length.
Limbs are 1.5 in width x 12" long with a 1 15/16" pre-set deflection.
New camo patterns for 2008 will be in Mossy Oak.
Limb material is Gordon.
MSRP for the 2008 bows is yet to be determined.
All strings and cables are Cedar Hill Archery, pre-stretch, pre-twisted prior to serving. Pre-twisted under 200 uniform pounds and served under 300 uniform pounds. Unlike all new 2 cam bows, these cables are mfg. as mating pairs to ensure exact timing.
We do not utilize sealed bearings by choice. We have a complete machine shop and use NCTL (National Certified Testing) and ATI (Architectural Testing) and have found that if a "pressed in" bearing goes bad, the cam is wasted because you can not press fit twice into 6061 T-6 aluminum. There for all bushings are Nylotron GS (Graphite Oil impregnated). When using sealed bearings, you deal with dual tolerance of which both can not be reamed after machining. The axle is ground and then hardened to 57 Rockwell and dimension to be .1875. The sealed baring I.D. is to be .188. If either two are off by .0005 either way, you have a sloppy fit. Nylotron GS is reamed to slip fit with axle and ensures as accurate of a fit as possible.
Your in the military, so you should know that it's kind of
like building a custom rifle compared to a stock rifle. Glass bed,
pillar bed in a McMillan Stock, Jewel Trigger, Nesicka Bay action,
Broughton single cut barrel, Holland Recoil Lug, everything is an exact fit.
Same holds true with a bow and all the parts.

Thank you,
Scot Sterner
SRD Design Corporation

I was interested to check one out, but now that I know a "Lefty" doesnt even exist yet......
I gotta put em with my Elite business the bottom of the pile. :-(
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